So, who is Rebecca Hauck (aka The Design Burro)?
This may date me a little bit, but I remember sitting in my room in junior high and high school staring at my Macintosh computer and trying to design things in MacPaint. I just loved to mess around in that program and spent hours with the paint bucket tool, trying to rework things. Of course, just like other kids, if I wasn't doing
that, I was in the middle of either Loderunner or Oregon Trail. Ha! But enough about that…fast forward to today.
Now I have an extensive background in printing and graphic design, but I'm not your typical graphic designer. I
went to college to study printing and earned my B.S. in Printing in 2002. The degree was designed for print shop management, so I learned not just how to do estimates and how the processes worked, I actually found myself running a 36" two-color Miele press for a semester or two. That said, my knowledge of printing is expansive,
which has helped in my pursuit of graphic design. The knowledge of how something will be printed is crucial in understanding how to design it, as well as lead time. My minor is where I focused in graphic design and I had a mentor that designed the minor for me. She actually recruited me to go to Texas A&M University-Commerce to study design and be her protegé. I really hope I've lived up to that expectation.
My work as a graphic designer started at Texas A&M-Commerce as a student employee in Creative Services in 2001. I'll never forget my first project - a brochure for the International Student program. It was a wonderful learning experience and our boss was very supportive of fostering creativity; however, I'll never forget him looking at a project and saying, "I like it…but start all over!" At the time, I didn't find it funny like I do now, but I am thankful he said things like that to us. It helped me to be able to take criticism and molded me into understanding that I don't design for myself. I design for the client and the target audience. That is my job…to interpret the needs of the client and translate those needs onto paper in the form of design. Thus, I specialized in print media for many years.
Now, however, I do so much more than print media. I have been doing web design for about 15 years. I also love to do branding and logo design. My video experience has been for a little over three years now and the newest addition of services I've added is social media management and marketing, which is super exciting.
I have truly become a one-stop-shop (without owning a print shop) over the past 20 years. If you can dream it, we can figure out a way to make it happen! You might be amazed at some of the requests I've had over the years. I designed my father's headstone for my family and had a client who needed me to digitize a sewing pattern and figure out the most efficient way to place it so as to use the least amount of paper; thus saving the client money in print costs. I've been contracted out in the past to two different vehicle wrap businesses to design wraps and have no issue with putting together large format prints. I have great printers with high quality materials ready to handle any requests.

What have I done for the past 20 years?
• Owner, The Design Burro • 
​• Production Specialist, City of Gillette •
• Founder, W Magazine of Wyoming •
• Graphic Designer, Gillette Printing • 

• German Teacher, CCSD #1 •
• Graphic Designer, Kinko's •
• Graphic Designer, Texas A&M University-Commerce •
• Bindery, Alphagraphics •
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